iRobot Roomba 620 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Most people don’t get excited about vacuuming, but many people get excited about robots. There’s now a product that will please everyone, a robotic vacuum. This robotic vacuum will do all the work for you so that you come home to clean floors every day. No matter how often you want your floors vacuumed, this little robot can do it. People fall in love with their robotic vacuums so much that they even name them like a pet! This robot will keep your home clean, and it will never complain about what you throw its way. Pet hair, dust bunnies, and regular dirt are no match for this robotic vacuum. This is a great model because while it works amazingly well, it also isn’t going to break the bank. You’ll never need to worry about having a dirty floor again.

Best Features

Some robotic vacuums require you to program them for your house, which can take hours to do. But, this robotic vacuum doesn’t require any of that. You just press clean on the robot and it is good to go! It also has a three stage cleaning system that loosens, lifts, and suctions dirt up to keep your floors extremely clean. If you have furniture like couches and tables, this vacuum can easily go underneath them and vacuum those hard to reach places that you couldn’t reach with a traditional vacuum. Another great feature is that it will automatically dock and recharge itself whenever the battery gets low. It also sweeps the wall edges and corners thanks to its innovative design.


This does an amazing job of cleaning your floors. Most users were very impressed with how well their floors stayed clean throughout the week. The vacuum travels in circular patterns and will also stop and spin to grab onto pet hair if that’s something that you deal with. It is perfect for small areas because it can get it all done in one charge. Some users said that they compared this to their regular vacuum and found that it picked up a lot more dirt and hair than their stand up vacuum got.


Some users complained that if you have something wet on the floor that the vacuum will then trail that around the house, so you have to be careful about what is laying around when this is running.

Final Verdict

Overall, Roomba is possibly one of the best known robotic vacuums. There are a few different models of it, but this one is perfect if you don’t want to spend a lot of money. At $225, this vacuum is a definite steal, and your floors are going to look better than ever!